Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waiting...Sometimes it's the Hardest Part!

Well, I took the day off from work today to be able to meet my little grandson #2 and he's not even here yet! Mom was induced at 5pm yesterday, they broke her water awhile ago and while she is 8 cm dilated-he's just not ready to come out yet!

So here I sit waiting for him to come out, and hoping he does soon because mom is definitely tired. Hope to have some good news and photos of #2 when he arrives soon, and hoping that my digital camera will be recognized by my computer so I can load the photos onto the PC. (virus issues kept me from doing so the past few weeks-but I THINK I have it cleared up now).

Wishing all my readers a wonderful week!

UPDATE: A little after 6 pm he was born-it was a rough delivery and mom almost needed a C-Section since he got stuck for a bit and got his face bruised up in the process. But here is little Bentley getting his first look at daddy about 15 minutes or so after he was born...


Unknown said...

What a beautiful bundle Michele! Congrats to all and I hope everyone is resting today!

Leslie M. said...

Adorable!!! Congratulations Michele!
Leslie Loves Veggies!

Expat Mom said...

Congrats on the newest addition! I totally haven't been reading blogs, so forgive me for commenting so late. :P Looking forward to more pics soon.