Thursday, February 4, 2010

On the mend!

Just a brief note to let ya'll know that I haven't keeled over from my sinus infection. Actually, I have been on the mend the last couple of days (knock on wood, lol.)

Work has been super crazy as we are slowly winding down to the end of the season but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Deja's been busy trying to sell cookies for her school fundraiser, and it looks like I will have enough frozen cookie dough to fill my freezer downstairs! Geez, I guess maybe I oughta get this kid into retail...

My housework is suffering and my dirty clothes are heaped into a huge pile in the laundry room. It appears I have a date with the hamper this weekend :) The first of many, I'm sure.

It's been cold, so cold that even the cat next door has come in through the pet door in the cellar to warm himself in the comfort of my kitchen while dining on delicious food and treats meant for my four cats. I can't believe that this cat has the balls to come in through the basement pet door, walk up the stairs, and across the kitchen floor into the bathroom where the pet food dishes are and begin to eat completely oblivious to the fact that my four cats are staring at him, I am staring at him, and my husband is ready to whack him with the broom to get him the heck out of our house.

I've thought about going next door and telling the woman to pay up, since this cat has been sneaking in for over a year now as an uninvited dinner guest-however, after observing her drinking and dancing while singing along with her Credence Clearwater Revival album at 3 am on one of my trips to the bathroom this past weekend I decided against it. She is a bit...odd. But she keeps to herself, unlike prior tenants.

I will hope to get another post or two up for the weekend...but in the meantime, thanks for all the comments, it was great reading them all!


Kwana said...

I'm glad you're doing well and what a tough cat. Wow!

Miss Janet said...

Just popped in to say Hello!


Vicki/Jake said... you know why the cat feels the need to get away (O:
Gutty though doing what he does. And kinda funny 'hearing' you tell the story. Glad you're on the mend, I've missed your posts!
Take care and good luck with the old Tom Cat!

KM Studios said...

I used to have a friend like that cat.
Funny story