Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sorry for my absence! Upcoming Surgery...

I feel so darn guilty for not posting more, but I have been super busy with work (my poor co-worker has been out sick since Monday!) and hubby has been driving me nuts buying Toyota trucks and getting them ready to ship over to family members in Central America. (Which explains why my front yard looks like a junkyard tribute to Toyota, lol)

Besides that, I am having surgery soon- (providing I don't get sick with a cold or something, it is going around and knowing my luck, I will get sick and have to postpone things a bit) soon as in like, next Wednesday the 23rd. So I am shopping, cleaning etc... the usual stuff that moms do when they know their family can't survive without them for a few days. It's only an outpatient procedure, and has to do with my "happy period" post awhile back but I am hoping that it takes care of things once and for all. I was amazed when the doctor wanted to operate ASAP, he asked me to do the surgery yesterday, but with a family and kids and a co-worker out sick and insurance forms to deal with, well, it just wasn't possible!

So I am posting my giveaway winners in the next post, shipping the stuff out as fast as I can and trying to get a couple of neat reviews done. And then I will rest...for a few days anyways. Thanks for understanding :) I will still be around but not as much for the next week or so while I get ready and then recuperate.

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