Sunday, March 22, 2009

Attention All Kmart Shoppers!

Well today I ventured into the land of Super Doubles. Last time I did so, I had less coupons and the system still messed up and didn't give me doubles on all I had bought. (and yes, I followed the rules-no DND coupons, no more than four like coupons and way under the 75 coupon limit total) and I already know no overage etc...

Today all went well, except I still am owed 8 dollars. I stood at the service desk and tried to complain, but they were too busy and gave some lame excuse. And of course, I didn't have my coupons anymore to back me up. I did get a few things on sale that weren't used with coupons but all in all I spent over $100 and saved half of it-my total was about $58. And since I still claim they owe me $8 I should have been about $50.00. I did well in stocking up on personal products and house cleaning items-things I will use during layoff have on hand.

Anyways, if you have a Kmart in your area that is doing Super Doubles (doubling coupons to $2 face value-for example your coupon is $2 off, you get $4, $1 gets $2) then you should take advantage of the deals to be had. I got some nice Gillette body wash for hubby and Gillette shampoo for hubby for .99 and .49 after the coupons doubled from $2 to $4 off. Had I more high valued coupons I would have done better, but half was pretty good too, especially since not all the items I got had coupons for them. Happy Shopping everyone!

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Leslie M. said...

Walmart is famous for this nonsense and One of the Drug stores.... the name escapes me is even worse.. Gosh that makes me sooo MAD!!! I WILL Rember the name.. and when I do...

They don't give you the specials, you have to check your receipt.. they are just itchin' to rip you off!!!

Makes my Blood BOIL!!!