Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yes! We have no tomatoes, no tomatoes today!

Ever had a Taco Bell chalupa without good ole tomatoes? What about the nachos? I did tonight and it wasn't pretty. A few years back they used scallions, green onions whatever-on their nachos and mexican pizza and the flavor was great. But then something happened, people got sick, and scallions never came back again, even after many months. Ok, so life went on without the famous green onions. I liked them, but it was kinda nice, because I didn't have to worry about popping a breath mint if I got too close to someone afterwards.

A few weeks ago, drove the 18 miles or so to my closest TB and had a chalupa and some nachos, and decided to make the trek again tonight. Wish I hadn't spent the 20 bucks not to mention gas wasted, in an effort to eat a decent meal at the home of the famous little dog. Now I can do without tomatoes at Burger King and McDs just fine, since I am strictly ketchup (OMG another tomato product!!!!) and onions type of girl. But take the tomatoes from my chalupa and we have war! You'd THINK by not including onions or tomatoes they'd at least discount the price a bit, or buy a different type of tomato or something local until the crisis passed. I watched the other patrons taking a bite, then opening up their tacos, chalupas, gorditas, looking for that missing item. No signs on the door, a small sign taped near the register, on the counter-not where lots of people are looking, announced that due to salmonella there were no tomatoes today .
One smart gentleman brought a paper bag with him, and out of that bag he produced a tomato, and what looked like onions. Hubby had to keep me from jumping him as I watched, mouth watering, as he lovingly sliced his tomato in front of the dining room patrons. I watched the others, they were envious, jealous of him too. Drool ran down the side of my mouth as he began sprinkling the tomato pieces on his nachos. Even the kitchen area watched him in awe. The manager looked alert, knowing he could have a riot on his hands at any given moment. I looked at my chalupa, suddenly I didn't feel hungry anymore. The food didn't taste the same, I wish I'd ordered good old KFC instead because even good Col. Sanders knows chipotle flavoring is the way to go. But we had that two nights ago, and I couldn't bear a repeat performance twice in the same week.

I rushed to my garden when we got home and had hubby water my tomato plants. This is my first year doing a garden, and I'd say its a pretty darn good one since everything we buy is poisoned one way or another. You can't even turn on the news anymore without hearing of a food recall somewhere. Lesson for the day: Until they bring the tomatoes back, Taco Bell is on my shit list. Sorry little doggie, but without tomatoes YO NO QUIERO TACO BELL!!!!

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I had heard that many of the fast food places were skipping the tomatoes, but even TB. I agree - why don't they find an alternative until the crisis has past. Also, the picture that I had in my mind of the guy pulling out his sack w/ the tomato in it - too funny!