Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shopping with my new friend Alice!

After hearing my co-worker and fellow blogger buddy Exotic1 rave about the benefits of, I decided to check it out. Now this woman hates to shop in the first place, and often sends my mom in search of bargains. (believe me, my mom loves to find bargains for all of us at the office!) I also love a bargain, and have been somewhat slacking in cutting my coupons and putting my inserts in my binder.

When Rhonda (aka Exotic1) mentioned I instantly knew the name since I had seen it around the blogosphere these last few months. Actually, I had entered a giveaway on one blog and had to sign up for an account to get an entry. But I soon forgot about it, and figured I would never use it since I use coupons and most online sites don't accept coupons. Well, when Rhonda mentioned to me that the prices were lower than her local supermarket and drugstores AND they had coupons too I knew I had to jump on this bandwagon.

I placed my first order and saved half off the price. From $16 down to a little over $8 after taxes. AND free shipping too! That is one of the things that prohibits my spending more online-I absolutely HATE to pay shipping fees for anything. I got two full sized Colgate toothpastes, some Bic razors, Kotex, 2 Dawn dish detergents and some Dropps since I wanted to try out their sample 2pk before I buy more for my new HE front loader. Considering I had just gotten back from CVS and had spent $3.29 on a tube of toothpaste ($2.29 after $1 coupon) and the Colgate they had was 93 cents after their online coupon I was pretty darn impressed.

While I will still continue to use the local drugstores and grocery stores, I also want to check out more frequently for good deals such as what I got in my prior orders. I think both will compliment each other nicely for the type of lifestyle I have, but I can see where this will be wonderful for people like my coworker who hate actually going to stores, are too busy to bother with clipping coupons and have to drive a distance before getting to the local chain stores. Heck, you can just sit at home, place and order, and wait for it to come to you! And you will also get reminders telling you it is time to order again, perfect if you are forgetful and realize you just used your last roll of toilet paper.

I have since placed two more orders with Alice, and check weekly to see what is on sale. The site is easy to navigate and you can search by item, brand or coupons and % off as well. I tend to search the best deals first, the site will pull up the first 50 deals and often some are half off (or more!) of their original prices that you would find in a store. I will say that all my orders came in about 3-4 days and were packaged great. I liked the fact that they taped the shampoo covers shut and put the liquids in plastic bags as well, just in case something happened they couldn't leak all over my other stuff. Hubby even likes the Alice packages because he steals the packing materials and "pops" them to make noise. Such a kid!

And Rhonda, if you are reading this-you left work early and guess who showed up at the office after you had already left... Alice, of course! Don't worry, she's safe and sound on your desk waiting for you to get back in the morning!


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for the review. So fun. I'm thrilled you've been able to find great deals and that it's complimenting your lifestyle so well. We appreciate you being an Alice customer!

Anonymous said...

I just placed my first order, and am looking forward to receiving it. Great review!