Sunday, August 9, 2009

Memory Lapse and the Missing Wallet

I spent the entire morning looking for my wallet... really, I did. I enlisted the help of hubby, my teen son, and my daughter as I struggled to remember where I put the darn thing. See, it is always in my purse-but this time around when the pizza delivery guy came on Friday night I decided to get adventurous and take it out. Mistake Number One.

Yesterday morning when I got up I saw it on my computer desk next to the keyboard. But I swore I picked it up, took it with me in my hand to another room in the house, and left it. For a few moments, even one of the cats looked guilty. I knew then that I was losing it.

I am beginning to think this happens as you get older. And I am not liking it. I can literally spend HOURS looking for something and have it turn up right under my nose. Or be really embarrassed and have someone else find it for me-right where I put it last. I have noticed this happening more frequently, and I wonder if it is a sign of things to come. I know forgetfulness often appears with old age, but come on-I am only 43! My hubby can be very forgetful, he always has been. I never have been, and that is why it is so darn frustrating for me. Maybe it's a new grandma thing, I dunno.

After some searching by all, hubby located my wallet. It had fallen on the bottom of my computer desk-behind my printer. It really should have been one of the first places I looked, but I didn't. Considering I had it right next to my keyboard yesterday morning, and I had visits from a couple of affectionate cats who like to curl up on the keyboard as I type-I now have a clue as to why the cat had a guilty expression and ran to hide while I was carrying on about my wallet. Looks like the cat knocked it off my desk and it fell behind the printer.

I have yet to discover the guilty party, Stubby or Brujita-but I've already warned both of them that if they knock anything else off my desk they are going to bed with no cat treats that night!


Cecca said...

Hi Michele, glad you found your wallet! I have a terrible memory and losing things is the most annoying thing!.
Just thought I should stop by and say congratulations for winning my giveaway!! :-)
I'll be posting the cards to you tomorrow, I hope you like them! :-)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I'm glad your wallet was found though :)


Ms. Latina said...

I totally feel for you and FYI: I'm 37 and already have those memory lapses. I blame it on the hormones!!! Always works ;)