Monday, August 24, 2009

Look who ended up on my bed!

And even had a cute little smile to share with me to boot! He really wants to talk to me badly, and we coo and gurgle back and forth, but I haven't a clue as to what on Earth he is saying.

Drooling has become the new theme of the day, as he has a couple of teeth that will be coming in soon. He has also discovered his hands and feet and is quite fascinated by them.

It's amazing how much my grandson has grown since he was born on June 5th-every day is something new, and it's neat to be able to have him so close by to experience it.

My son and his girlfriend were a little freaked out by the pics since he has the "red-eye" syndrome, but I plan on removing it using the Aurora software I won from being at the Not-At-Blogher twitter party awhile back. It has made such a difference in my photos, and I LOVE the auto-lighting feature too, so easy to use! Check it out here: It really makes a difference for me since I am a point and shoot type of photo taker.

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Anonymous said...

He is sooooooooooooo CUTE! :)