Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking for treasure...

Last month we took a drive to the coast and visited the state park. The tide happened to be out and hubby got very excited when he saw all the sea life left behind in the tidal pools.

I was not enthused when he asked me to find bags for him because he was bringing home STUFF. I can see an occasional seashell or two, but I was totally against taking home the contents of the beach. Rocks, shells (some with sea life still in them) broken shards of sea glass, you name it-he was picking it up. Even Deja who loves doing stuff with daddy gave up and let the man find his own treasures because she said it was too darn hot and came up to sit on the nice, shady bench with mom.

I managed to go through his bag like a cautious mother inspecting Halloween candy. Items with sea life still very much alive that would likely bake and die in my hot car were returned to the sea. I may like to visit the tidal pools, but having my car smell like the contents of one was pushing things a bit.

Ignoring pouting husband, who proclaimed that said sea life was something he wanted to EAT (it was shells with clams, oysters or something of the sort still in them) I continued searching through his treasures. If he wants clams or oysters, he can buy them from the guy who sits in the parking lot selling them out of a truck. He will still be alive the next day and I will happily have use of my bathroom later that evening.

We got some sea glass, which Deja kept and is bringing for show and tell when school starts up again in a couple of weeks. Hubby got to keep a few of his shells (empty) and pretty rocks that he and Deja managed to find as well. Before the summer ends, I know we will be heading to the beach again-this time, with our metal detector-so he can search for real treasure. Besides searching for our seashells, we will search for metal. There just might be gold lurking somewhere on the beach, and THAT is a treasure I am not wanting to pass up!

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David and Lin

Joanna Jenkins said...

Time at the beach is always fun! Thanks for sharing.

And thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!