Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Fleas Please!

My house is... infested. I kid you not. My cats are going crazy, I am going crazy. They run back and forth quickly, and stop and spin around, incessantly scratching and biting, hoping to get the fleas off them.

Now I haven't been neglectful. Just the opposite. I have given them all their monthly dose of Frontline Plus. But it isn't working, and it always has in the past. Today we had an article about fleas, and how our rainy Spring and early Summer rains contributed to the population growth of these pesky blood suckers.

My husband is scratching constantly. I seriously think they prefer his hairy legs over mine. Of course I can get more Frontline Plus, which I will apply to the cats the first week of August, but I can't give them TOO much of the stuff. It's expensive and could be harmful if applied too often.

Currently I have a nice warm bowl of water sitting on my living room floor. My dad used to swear by this: he said the warm water tricks the fleas to thinking it is an animal and they jump into the bowl and drown. Going to check it in a few hours to see if it works here. How are the fleas in your area...and what are you all doing to get rid of them---

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Sharon Culbertson said...

Hey i got this off the internet, take table salt and spinkle it on you carpet and let it sit for 1 hour and sweep it up, or baby powder, Ill have to try the bowl thing. If i find anything else i'll let you know.