Saturday, August 15, 2009

I had a craving last night for Chinese takeout, so off I went in search of a PuPu for 2 and some ham fried rice. Thought I would snap a photo of it before I dug in...

I just hate getting the PuPu platter to go though... it just is so darn romantic eating it in the restaurant when they have the little fire going and you are gazing not so lovingly at your significant other over the platter hoping to snatch the last piece of fried shrimp before they do and trying NOT to get burned in the process. (I always notice that he turns the bowl around to where the good stuff is and keeps it in front of HIM!)

And of course, you would never know I had a dishwasher and could eat off fine china nightly if I wanted to. I am strictly a paper plate, cup and utensil type person. My bad, since I know I shouldn't be doing that as it is not good for the environment. But memories of my poor gram and her dishpan hands back in the day keep me from the sink if I can help it. Gram didn't have a nice portable dishwasher, well, except for me that is. My mom is strictly a paper plate person as well, she figures since she can't cook all that well she doesn't need to impress anyone with her culinary skills and have everything nicely laid out on her best dishes. Before my grandmother passed this past April, my mom only knew how to cook a decent bowl of popcorn using an old fry pan, some oil and the top of the stove. Memere didn't allow a microwave in the house, she liked making her meals the old fashioned way-by scratch. Sure, she'd cheat every now and then with a fast food meal or TV dinner, but for the most part, she made it. A week after she passed away, mom went to Kmart and got...a microwave. I guess she figured out that she couldn't survive on popcorn alone, no matter how darn good it tastes! (she knows I tease her all the time about this, so I know she won't be upset by my revealing her lack of cooking skills in my blog)

All this talk is making me hungry.... time to go get that leftover egg roll calling me in the fridge!

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