Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pepsi Rocks!

I love drinking diet colas, and Diet Pepsi is one of my favorites. You might wake up with a coffee, I wake up to the sound of a pop top snapping while opening an ice cold can of refreshing Diet Pepsi.

They had a really cool Pepsi promotion this past year where you could get neat stuff with Pepsi points and also win prizes. I got several nice things AND won a Zune for my son and hubby won a Zune and Flip Camera. A couple of years before that, hubby won a cool RAZR phone from them, again by entering codes from the caps. Told ya we drink alot, and with friends and family saving them for us too, I was really enjoying Pepsi this past summer.

Every year around this time, they have a promotion for the Superbowl, combined with Lay's products. Since we love Tostitos and Pepsi, I always manage to do the rebate and combine it with CVS Extrabucks offer as well-to make the deal even sweeter :) While searching blogs for info about Pepsi, I saw that many blogs were having giveaways of a huge Superbowl prize package. All that football stuff was great for hubby and my son, but my prize was those 5 coupons for Frito Lay products and 5 coupons for 24 pks of Pepsi for free, I scarfed up those before they even noticed they were gone from the box. Everything they sent was nice quality stuff, and I was so pleased to get it from such a wonderful sponsor. Unfortunately, due to a shipping error, mine arrived the day AFTER the big game. No big deal for me, I already had my back up plan of Tostitos, a taco dip and my Pepsi 12 packs I had gotten from CVS deal waiting on the sidelines.

Boy, was I impressed when I went to my mailbox yesterday and had another huge box. I didn't recognize the address and come to find out it was another gift from Pepsi! A gorgeous duffel bag (which hubby has already stolen!) another cool baseball cap and a Superbowl program. Inside was a note apologizing for the shipping delay, and offering these items to make up for the error. Wow! I was so impressed with their commitment to satisfaction. Heck, I was happy enough to have won anyways, so this was just icing on the cake-or should I say ice cubes in the Pepsi? Thanks so much Pepsi, for providing a wonderful prize package and caring about your consumers enough to go over and above the norm to make us happy! And big thanks to Dawn over at Blonde Reviews http://blondereviews.blogspot.com/ for being one of the generous bloggers who hosted this giveaway (and selecting me as a winner :) I may not have made it to the Superbowl, but lemme tell ya this prize package sure made up for it!

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BlondeBlogger said...

Yay!! They really do rock! I am so impressed as well. It's hard to find that kind of customer service these days, but they really came through and showed they care. I'm so glad you got all of those goodies! *hug*