Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another snowstorm is on the way---

so where the heck is my first class ticket to Tahiti? I am sick of snow, sick of falling snow, shoveled snow, mountains of snow, and even yellow snow.

2 inches per hour they say, with a total snowfall in my area of a foot or so. It could be worse, I could live in the mountains and get 2 feet of snow. Deja is excited, snow means snow angels, snowball fights, making forts and sledding. Ahh, the life of a child-so fun until you have to shovel the stuff, clean it off your car, or drive in it.

It is time to be thinking Spring, and I am thinking mud season this year is going to be brutal. Besides, how can I think Spring if everything has a new white coating measurable in FEET?

I am heading to the kitchen now to cook nachos-maybe if I can smack my wooden spoons together hard enough I can wish myself away to a beach in Cancun, where I will be basking in sunshine and drinking a Sex on the Beach. Anyone wanna join me?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm all for a trip to the islands!

Lo Christine said...

My husband and I keep complaining about the snow and cold. And we're only in Indiana! Can't spring just hurry up already?