Friday, February 13, 2009

Design Me, PLEASE!

T'was the nite before Valentine's Day
and all over the Net
bloggy mamas were blogging
as I was beginning to fret.

I checked my number of visitors
that by chance came to my site
it was so very depressing
and most definitely not alright.

I couldn't offer roses or chocolate,
gorgeous bling or something more
to bribe bloggy visitors
to tell me it's my blog that they adore-

I insert a piece of html code here-
then insert a little html code there
head back to "view your blog"
and see the page jumbled everywhere.

I need a fresh new look-
a special makeover from a Pro
something that stands out
and makes my blog the place people want to go.

As I peruse the blogsphere this eve
what do I see?
A bloggy giveaway of course,
tailored just for me!

The prize you ask?
A bloggy makeover by Southern Girl Designs.
Go visit the Downs Gang & see for yourself-
but you must remember, this prize is all mine!

Couldn't resist the little poem above for my PLEA for help in this bloggy design thing! However there is a really cool giveaway going on right now over at The Downs Gang ( that ends on 2/16/09 that I am SO in need of! Do you need a fresh new look for your blog too? Maybe something for Spring or Easter? No need to go too far, I checked out Southern Girl Blog Designs ( and found plenty of wonderful ideas. Thanks for the giveaway ladies!


Jennifer said...

I hope you win!

Simply Stork said...

hello...I'm stopping in for a visit :o)

(you are entered in the drawing :o)