Friday, April 2, 2010

Today I'm Spring Cleaning....NOT!!!!

A mother's work is truly never done. Ever since layoff a week ago, my days have been filled with doctor appointments, dentist appointments, and shopping trips. Now this would be fine, if it were for me-but I've been too busy to even schedule an appointment for myself, much less make it to one. I've become a glorified taxi driver, but without the tips. (unless you're willing to count gum stuck to a piece of paper on the backseat.)

In addition to taxi driver, I now have to play Suzy Homemaker-the divine image of all things clean in the home, AND be expected to bake as well. Well, from a previous post, you can guess how my baking has gone, and the cleaning hasn't fared much better. I am allergic to dust, and this house is dusty! Because of the huge amounts of rain we've had here in the Northeast these past few days I've been unable to open the windows and let that dust head out the window. Today, though, is another story. It's sunny and going to be in the mid-60's. Perfect weather for cleaning house. Or so they think....

Hubby is off to the junk yard in search of another piece of junk for his Toyota project. The kids are in school. The cats are behaving themselves for the moment, and I am taking some time to get caught up on all things bloggy today. I am planning on opening the windows very soon, and letting the fresh air and sunshine in. Maybe even sitting outside with a book, it's glorious silence, and today it's ALL MINE!!!!

My cell phone battery is low, and the phone is going to die soon if I don't get it re-charged. But I'm not doing it, I am not gonna let the ring of a cell phone spoil my silence. I need to re-charge my OWN batteries, thank you very much. And that means being selfish and getting some ME time in for a few hours without worrying about everyone else. I might even take a nap!

So often we get so caught up in family life, errands, being a mom, and work we often forget or neglect one of the most important things in life---ourselves! I know I feel guilty taking some needed time to relax and do things I want to do. So taking the time for oneself actually feels like a guilty pleasure...sort of like when I eat chocolate, lol.

It's time to open the windows and let the fresh air in-sit back and read the newspaper. Enjoy your day everyone, and make sure to take time for yourself too!

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Cherry Blossoms said...

Love your post! Taking time for YOU is important! Thank you for entering my DownEast Basics Giveaway! Good Luck to you!