Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long Live The King!

No folks, I am not talking about Elvis. I'm talking about my crazy cat Stubby... Since he arrived at my house he has declared himself King of my King Sized waterbed. No sooner had I taken the sheets off the darn thing to wash them when he decided it was time to make himself comfortable.

Geez, he didn't even give me time to get the mattress protector off. And that cat is L-O-N-G, he sprawls out on my bed and acts like he owns it. It'd be fine if he was willing to share the bed with me. But any movement of my feet is met by swift claw action letting me know I am invading his space. Nothing like getting claws sunk into the sole of your foot at 2 am because you made the bad choice to move a little to the left.

As far as alarm clocks go, I don't need one. The cat wakes me up every morning at 6 am with a swift nudge of his head to my face. He still thinks I am on my work schedule and I have to remind him to let me sleep in a bit more. So off he goes, a bit disappointed that I am not getting up to play with him. (he has a self feeder along with the 3 other felines that live here, when they are out of food, believe me, I DO know!)

When I leave and sit outside on the porch for awhile, he cries for me as he wants to come outside. But he is an indoor cat, with a nice window perch in my room so he should be satisfied with that. Summer is coming, and soon he will be chasing bugs all over the house. Whenever we open our door in the summertime, a random moth or bug finds its way inside. It probably wishes it hadn't. Late May and June should be interesting with the June bugs that fly around and sometimes get inside. One got inside last year, and before I could get it outside I could hear the sickening crunching as someone managed to corner their victim and make a meal out of him. Ewww!

So today, here is a pic of the King, readying himself for a nice nap on my bed. Too bad for him hubby wasn't willing to share the bed with him, and banished him from the bedroom so he could get some sleep before working tonight. In the meantime, the sheets are in the laundry and King Stubby is waiting-not so patiently I might add, for me to take over the bed that he can lie regally on his throne and enjoy a night of blissful sleep. (he snores too!)


Letherton said...

awww how cute

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Thanks :)

Vicki said...

Hi Michele,
Trying to catch up on blogs and I'm slow! Still in the moving, settling in mode, but have the computer set up. I skimmed through your post blogs and agree with you on how the young kids are today...very different from my time, although everyone thought the 'Hippies' were the end of the world generation...if they only knew.

And yes, Mom Earth is dang pissed off at all our stupidity!

Love the blue eyed little one too, what fun they are.

Hope you're enjoying your resting time of the year..if not for the cat..
Enjoy your weekend, I'll be back at the house packing again.

take care..