Monday, April 5, 2010

Maria Soto Robbins-Cuban American Artist Paints Jose & Deja

In my old age, I have really come to appreciate art and all the beauty that surrounds us. (well, I should say in my "middle age" lol) When I was younger, I was never artistic-and really didn't take the time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

My daughter Deja, however, is very artistic and enjoys painting and drawing. I was very proud when one of her projects won her the Art Student of the Month award at school and I can only hope that she continues on with her love of art. My teen son, on the other hand, enjoyed his own art so immensely he spread his graffiti with love throughout the neighborhood when he was about twelve. Needless to say, 7 counts of criminal mischief later I was NOT appreciating his artistic endeavors unless of course, they were LEGAL.

I have a somewhat tropical theme to my house, and I love to surround myself with images of palm trees, beautiful flowers and sunshine as the Maine winters are very long, and VERY dreary. (of course, snowflakes falling can be a beautiful sight, if I am safely snuggled in the house and NOT driving that day.)

In my internet travels I discovered Maria Soto Robbins, a Cuban-American artist who now lives in Florida. Her work fits right in with the types of paintings I so enjoy-and by gazing at her work on a dark winter day I can take myself away to a tropical beach, with the warm sun shining on my face and the gentle breeze of the palm trees kissing my skin. So relaxing!!!

Maria is a very nice person, and she has something for everyone in her Etsy shop. If you want to wear her art and take it with you, you can even purchase a pendant from her there. I am in love with her tropical fruits and coconut and lime paintings, they would look perfect in my kitchen.

I was very surprised awhile back when Maria announced that she was looking for subjects to paint, and I immediately contacted her and asked her if she'd like to try painting my daughter and her dad. She made a few changes from the original photo I sent her, but it turned out quite nice and I've got it hanging in my living room next to the original. I've also put it up above for you to check it out, thanks Maria for the painting :) Be sure to check out her blog too for all her latest work and posts.


Maria Soto Robbins said...

Thank you so much for featuring my work in your blog. I really enjoyed painting Deja and Dad and it's so wonderful to read that she's such a gifted artist herself! Thanks, again for saying such nice things about me!

Anonymous said...


I am one of Maria's pals in our Etsy group, Unique Women In Business. Maria's work is beautiful, bright and happy as is her personality! Thank you for featuring her in your blog and sharing the painting!

Tammy Dishner

elsiee said...

Thanks for sharing Maria with us! I'm always excited to discover fellow Cuban American's and what they are up to artistically!

Japip said...

I love all of Maria's work but especially the beach scenes. They are so beautiful and tranquil. It is always a mood booster when I look at her paintings. Thanks for a great blog post about a wonderful artist!