Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Blast From My Past!

When I was a teenager, I used to hang out in Canada alot. One thing I used to love eating was Canadian chocolate bars.... it just tasted, well, different.

Today I went to Canada to visit family (more pics on that in another post) and lo and behold while buying my "French Bread" in the Metro Supermarket I ended up in the candy aisle. And there I found all my favorites, all over again. They happened to be on sale for 4 for $3.00 so I grabbed some for myself and the kids to try. The only new one I saw was Snickers Believe, I have no idea what that one is all about-but I got it anyways. The rest of the bars have been around for ages, and haven't changed much.

How many do you recognize... give me a shout out and let me know!

UPDATE: I think it is super neat that some of you remember these and have tried them. I am also pretty amazed that some can be found in other parts of our country and in Guatemala too~! Here I am, about 100 miles from the Canadian border and I can't even find a single bar in my stores here, even the ones closer to the border! I will be going up again in the fall for the foliage photos, and maybe I will buy some and have a giveaway ;) I haven't tried any of them yet, since I don't think chocolate would make a good breakfast-but I am most interested in the Snickers Believe since it's a new one to me. I, like Rachelle, loved Mars bars with Almonds and thought they were non-existent but am glad to know they can be found in Wal-Mart. It looks like I will be heading to Wally World soon to check it out here.


Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Um well is the snickers and Smarties like the US candy? Aero bars I know of, and have had. A store here sells UK/Canada candies for $2 a piece! yikes! Fun when you get to ry something you had a kid, did you still like them the same? =)

breasmommy said...

I am kind of interested in hearing what the snickers believe is. Just wondering if it is just a snickers bar or something even yummier!

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

ok so I googled the snickers believe, and got this about the Mars brand
So I'm thinking it's like the snickers almond bar??

I'm more excited to know that the USA Mars almond bar is back, but only in Walmarts. This was my biggest craving while pregnant in 2003, and I think I bought the last one in town. NO the snickers almond bar is not the same. lol

Expat Mom said...

Mmmmm! I LOVE Smarties! I still have the ad ditty stuck in my head, lol. The package has changed, but those were my favorite candies in Canada. Aero is delish, too, never tried Wunderbar or Snickers Believe (sounds interesting though), don't like Crunchies and we actually have Mr. Big down here, amazingly enough.

And now that you've made me gain a few lbs by association, I better go catch up on your blog. ;)

Letherton said...

smarties are good

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Ann On and On... said...

It's always fun to see the different "food" in new cities, countries....

I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine, so I could find yours.

Your grandchild is just adorable.

Vicki said...

Sheesh, I don't know any of them..well ok, the Smarties but I don't remember them in a box. Never heard of the new Snickers either and I miss the Mars bars too! I'll have to look for them at Wally World (o:

DesignTies said...

Whenever I go down to the US, I stock up on crackers that I can't get here in Canada :-)

I had no idea that these chocolate bars aren't available in the US. I rarely buy chocolate bars, but of the ones in your picture, Mr. Big is my favourite. Haven't had one for years, though!!

I've never heard of Snickers Believe. Aero is a bit of a rip-off -- too many bubbles, not enough chocolate!! ;-)


Cheyenne said...

Your blog is super AWESOME! Hilarious!

I clicked on it when I saw you had left a comment on one of Faded Prairie's posts.

Being a 'northerner' I had no clue you didn't have these chocolate bars in the US. I'm guessing the Snickers Believe bar was just out for the Olympics......we usually just have regular Snickers and everything had special advertising with the Olympics.

When we are in the US we bring back Shasta pop and I love the Krusteaz brand baking stuff. Crazy, eh?

Hope you're having a great day...your post made mine! :)