Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lesson to Self... Don't use a Pizza Pan with Holes to Bake Cookies

I must admit, only I can screw this up. My teen son just about peed himself laughing, and I have to say I was a little red in the face...

Tonight we dug into the cookies that we purchased from my daughter's school fundraiser. They are the super easy type of cookies, already pre-made in a tub, and you just lay them on the baking sheet and let the oven do the work. A lazy mom's cookie, perfect for me when I am craving baked goodness and don't want to dig out the hand mixer, or run to the store for eggs because I'm one egg short and I just KNOW that the ONE missing egg will make or break the recipe.

So, at $15 bucks a pop and for the greater good of the school (and AGAINST the greater good of my waistline) I purchased 3 tubs. Yummy chocolate chip, macadamia nut white chocolate chip and peanut butter all awaited me in my fridge. Every time I opened the fridge and saw those tubs, I could have sworn those damn cookies were calling my name.

So my son Demetrio tells me he wants chocolate chip cookies tonight. We fire up the oven (as in pre-heat) and wait in anticipation. He seriously wants to eat the raw cookie dough, and I, in motherly fashion, tell him that he could get food poisoning or something from doing just that, and unless he wants to end up in the local hospital with a nurse that looks like Miss Ballbricker from the Porky's movies giving him a suppository he'd better stick to COOKED food. Having seen the old Porky's movies a few years ago, he decided to wait for the finished product.

As I check the kitchen for a clean pan I happen upon a pizza pan that happens to have holes in it. Perfect, I think, the bottoms of those cookies will brown nicely and should be done in a jiffy. My son looks on, but says nothing. I put the cookies on the pan... and a few moments later am greeted to the pleasant aroma of baking cookies. A quick check in the oven tells me they are cooking nicely, and after about 10-15 minutes I shut off the oven and take the pan out.

Now I am one that LOVES warm cookies with a cold glass of milk. My glass had been poured and I carefully tried to pick up a cookie from the pan. My son also decided it was time for a cookie, and tried to get his own cookie. Both cookies came off the pan... without the middle. The dough in the middle only had crept into those little holes, and was baked solidly into the pan. The cookies were coming up only the edges, with the whole middles baked into the pan-a quick flip of the pan confirmed my worst fears-the dough had gone through to the other side!

So now I am stuck with the edges of my lovely chocolate chip cookies. The chewy middles laden with chocolate chips remain baked into the pan-a grim reminder of my screw up in the kitchen. Let this be a lesson learned: never, ever bake cookies on a pizza pan that has holes in it! (I'd take pics of the finished product, but I am too darn embarrassed!)

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Vicki said...

HOW DAMN FUNNY..I can just imagine the look on your face..hahah. Isn't it a hoot how we can always learn something new (o:

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