Monday, March 1, 2010

Ahhh...the Porcelain God

I took the day off today to get things done. I figured I needed to be working on my passport issues, and would be sitting in the Social Security office requesting a new SS card because I seem to have misplaced the one I had. Not very smart, considering the passport agency has requested proof of my identity.

So I wake up this morning after sleeping in a glorious half hour extra, and awaken to the sound of puking in the bathroom. Whomever it was sounded like they were in utmost agony. Then the pitter patter of more feet and another body waiting to get into the bathroom. This time to use the toilet.

As I write this, I am the only one still standing. But I know my time is coming. I've been to the pharmacy, stocked up on enough Pepto-Bismol to fill a punch bowl and gotten plenty of paper towels and toilet paper. (thank goodness for CVS having a sale!) Bought trash bags and lined the puke bowls up for distribution. (actually mini wastebaskets) I've heard my 8 yr. old telling me she feels like she is going to die for the 100th time and have been force feeding her Popsicles so she won't dehydrate.

I've gotten Depends and GoodNights (heck, we can't have any leakage-the LAST thing I want is the bed smelling like a raw sewer) ginger ale and Saltine crackers. Gatorade and water. And I'm ready. I've made sure I will have plenty to get rid of, as I have been eating Devil Dogs and Wavy Lays complete with French Onion Dip non stop since I got back from the grocery store. This virus is not going to catch me on an empty stomach! (and if I don't get the virus, I will probably succumb to feeling ill anyways after the combination of goodies I have been munching on all morning.)

So I am home...and well, for the moment. It is times like this that I have cursed myself for not buying a home with two bathrooms. I'm armed with Lysol wipes and other anti-bacterials as I wait for nature to take its course. Even the litterbox has been fuller than normal these past couple of days, so it looks like we're not the only ones affected. I know it can't be food poisoning, my cooking is bad-but it won't KILL anyone. Plus, we have all eaten different things these past few days, so I know it is not one thing I can pinpoint as the culprit.

In the meantime, we are all home-in varying stages of the virus and praying... but most of our prayers have been in the direction of the porcelain God. Happy Monday!


The Mommyologist said...

NO fun! Overhearing someone puking is the WORST. I actually move out of the master bedroom when my husband is the offender. BOSE noise cancelling headphones couldn't drown him out. WTF?

Molly said...

oh no! Hope you're all doing better, we've had the stomach bug TWICE this year!

Vicki said...

Just getting caught up on blog stuff myself..well, been telling a story on mine, but now keeping up reading others.. Anyway, hope all is as well as can be there in pukie virus ville. Hope you don't get it either! Now to your giveaway...
I'm having one too if you get time to come see (O:

Expat Mom said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry everyone has been so ill and hopefully they'll feel better. The worst is when Mom gets sick though . . . where's the coddling and rinsing of puke buckets when YOU go under? :P Fingers crossed you'll stay healthy!