Friday, December 19, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle-It's the Birthday Girl!

Quite a few months back, I won a GC from Twinkling Tees for Deja and ordered her a lovely PINK name shirt. I decided to keep it for her birthday, to make it special. Since her birthday was on a weekend, I decided to give it to her early, so she could wear it to school that Friday.

As you can see, she is very happy with her new shirt! I love the sparkly pink crystals and the cute little tiara design. Jill did a wonderful job, and her tees are gorgeous! When I placed the order, she sent me several emails letting me know about design, color, and the status of my order. The constant communication was great, it made ME feel special because she valued my business enough to take time from her busy day to update me on my order.

At school when Deja took off her jacket she was greeted to "OOH HOW PRETTY!" from all of her little girl friends and even the boys came over to check out her new shirt. With so many great designs, Twinkling Tees has something for everyone. Now for the sad part-I recently went back to their site ( and saw a message Jill had posted about not being able to accept more orders for girls or babies after Jan. 30, 2009. Something to do with a new law, testing the products, and making it very expensive for small businesses like hers to survive should this go through. It really irritated me that we can allow all these Made in China items into our country with little regulation, and here is a small business like hers who might be out of business soon due to this new law. We can allow items made with child labor or sweat shop labor (two of my sisters in law work in Guatemala in maquilas-huge clothing factories which pay pennies per piece, long 12 hour days and no breaks) but can't allow a working mommy a break?

I am hoping for some extra money in January-because I really hope to get a couple more shirts before that ordering deadline for Deja. The shirts are just so pretty, and I want Jill to know I am supporting her and think this whole thing is absurd. If you are thinking of getting a Twinkling Tee for your little one, make sure to do it soon! Thanks Jill and Twinkling Tees for making Dejanera's birthday special!

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exotic1 said...

Oh she is so cute in her new shirt. I bet she just loves having her own name on it too~! Michele I agree with you 100%. It's a good thing your mother is not posting or she would have lots to say about that for sure and I don't blame you both.