Friday, December 26, 2008

Circle II Circle-New Album Out!

Ok, I rarely if ever listen to metal music. It's just not my thing-although in the 80's growing up I gotta admit I was a fan of the "hair bands." Long hair, big hair, teased hair, no hair- I pretty much dealt with all of the different 80's offerings out there.

Growing up, most of the radio stations played pop hits and while I loved those, I was also a big fan of Europop and dance music from Europe. This wasn't readily available in Central Maine, but a 4 hour drive to Canada did the trick, and at 16 (under the watchful eye of mom and grandma) I headed to the Canadian discos until 3 am to dance until I dropped. I still have lots of old cassettes purchased in Canada from those days, and my teen son will often listen to them with me and laugh. It's a far cry from the rap he is used to-but amazingly he did enjoy several of the songs. One he currently has on his Zune is Blue by Eiffel 65.

My half brother Andy was quite a guitarist back then. He played in several local bands and actually traveled out to LA to visit with Dick Clark and get noticed in the music industry. He can play any type of music, so when he set out for Nashville with some local boys to find his fame in the industry we were pretty proud. And he toured the circuit, appearing in back up bands on CMT and playing in Nashville, Vegas and Branson.

But he always loved rock music, even as a kid. I was pretty shocked when I heard in 2003 that he'd joined Circle II Circle an American Metal Band was was pretty famous in South America and Europe. And pretty darn popular in the U.S. too!( It seems weird seeing your brother on You Tube and seeing his CD's in record stores. If you're a fan of metal, check out You Tube Circle II Circle Evermore for his awesome solo. This year they have a new album out, and that means a new tour to Europe. I'd love to see them play in New England, since I haven't met any of his band members.

Be sure to check out their website, I plan on getting their new album for my son and will be contacting Andy later on to see if he can spare a few autographed CD's and a tee or two for my blog to give away. Until then, check them out on You Tube and online!

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Yarn Hungry Hog said...

Michele, I love the sound of Circle II Circle. I went to their website and listened. The only thing I hate about Heavy metal music, is when screaming happens. But if I could hear the lyrics, I'm all for it. And CIIC has lovely sound to it.
I love to listen to all kinds of music, except COUNTRY! Although, I'm beginning to accept certain COUNTRY music. I must be softening up.
Like you, I'd go out of my way to go to concerts and dance away like there's no tomorrow. Except now, I'm a bit getting on age. Half the time, I'd huff and puff from asthma (sp?).
Lucky you, you have a relative who is a musician. You must be proud. I'd buy their album one of these days.
Hope it's not as snowy anymore and you and your family are all keeping warm and enjoying the holidays (what's left of it).
And belated birthday greetings to your daughter (and son?). They are December babies like my husband.
Take care.