Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm Update

Well, got home and we still had power :) which I kind of expected since the power never went out once during the storm. My driveway, however is a frozen icy mess. Just getting the car in those huge ruts is a task in itself.

We headed out to RI yesterday morning for a quick trip to drop off Christmas gifts to hubby's sister Vidalia and her family. As we took off, I left my digital camera at home but had a disposable 35mm and snapped a few pics of the scenery from the ice storm. Just getting onto the highway there was a huge tree down, and as we went further South noticed more and more ice coated trees. The ice glinting in the sun was beautiful on the branches, but the trees were so heavy they were bent over almost touching the ground in places.

As we headed South, we noticed the sun had melted some of the ice on the trees-which is actually a good thing because luckily there hasn't been a wind because if there had been, the combined weight of the ice and the wind would have taken many more trees down. In RI, no snow and the temperature Saturday was cold, but not unbearable. The wind there was worse than anything, because when it hit you the cold blasted at you making for some cold body parts that went uncovered :) I never hardly ever wear a hat myself unless necessary so my ears were a bit frosty... Today was sunny when we woke up and quite a bit warmer thank goodness.

Heading North, it looked like the trees in Southern Maine had finally shed their ice coatings but when we got to Central Maine where I live the ice was still heavy on the trees-meaning it hadn't gotten above freezing and the trees could still break from all this weight. And some are STILL without power. I consider myself lucky, because mine did not go out. I hope we have a warm up soon, because all that ice on the trees isn't a good thing. Plus my driveway needs to thaw out! Anyone wanna send me some warm weather?

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Lisa Loo said...

sounds like you have been living the crazy life with all that bad weather!! Glad you haven't lost power.I would send you warm weather if I could--we are 5 below 0 here. BBBRRRRRRRRR