Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it snow...No, not again!

It's officially the beginning of winter and I am already sick of snow!!! While we lucked out here in Northern New England with the Friday night storm (we got about 5-6 inches here where I live, a considerable difference from the "dusting" we were supposed to get) today there is no lucking out whatsoever. They are calling for FEET, not inches. And near blizzard conditions.
I am sick of looking out the window and seeing white-sure, it's beautiful and all but my poor snowblower is running overtime and my husband's back still hasn't recovered from shoveling out the walkway yesterday.
It's amazing to see parts of the country getting snow, places that haven't seen snow in years. Along with frigid temperatures, this sure makes the beginning of winter a tough thing to take right now. Even Christmas Eve is not exempt, we're expecting some sort of storm, rain, snow, sleet-not sure yet depending on the temperatures.
So, do you have snow yet? Are you sick of it? Or is snow a rare occasion for you, and you were thrilled to have the kids experience it, build a snowman, etc...? (but I betcha weren't thrilled to DRIVE in it, huh?) Right now, this is one gal who just doesn't wanna hear anyone singing "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"


Lapa37 said...

When we lived in Jersey we got a lot of snow but down here in NC it's few and far between that we see it.I do miss it and so do the kids.

exotic1 said...

Hey I finally found your blog lol Actually I saw your comment and clicked on your comment so I cheated lol you need to add a subscribe button for me. I can't see my car anymore and it's sleeting out now. I'll never get that neon out of the driveway. I am catching what Scott has. I'm so sick. I hope they close us tomorrow cause I know it's gonna be bad driving if the storm is even over by morning. I'm watching the news right now and the news cast said the roads are terrible and not to travel and the news guy Greg on channel 5 says he is staying at the station and Amy Erickson says she is scared to drive home and is going to call someone to come get her. Tis bad out for sure.He said some areas are getting thunder storms from the blizzard do to the snow forming so fast. He says 2 feet in Katadin. they are putting "Red" zone Blizzard warnings out now. The sea is having 21 foot waves. Ok it is late and I'm headed for bed. No school for the kids and I'm not getting up til 6am. I HATE snow~

Colleen said...

The snow is plentiful here in our part of Maine as well! Winter is most definitely here to stay!

So glad you left a comment... and have a Merry Maine Christmas as well!

Anonymous said...

Ugh snow is a four-letter word in this house haha!
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