Monday, May 31, 2010

Wishing you all the best this Memorial Day!

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend-BBQ's, time with family and friends, and of course, remembering those close to us that have passed away. I still can't bring myself to visit the cemetery, though my mom and my daughter go quite frequently.

I don't deal with death well, even if it is the odd woman next door's dog that died. I felt guilty about calling animal control, but seriously, to leave her dog under her chair in a garbage bag in 90 degree heat was really pushing it. Besides, I actually thought that a raccoon or even a skunk (they are known to live under her porch) had died, so that was the real reason I'd called animal control... even though I had a suspicion that it "might" have been her dog since he'd be noticeably absent from her yard for two weeks. I didn't call animal control back today, even though she didn't do a great job of burying him, so long as I can't smell him wafting into my bedroom window, she can keep him wherever she wants to.

I DID buy some fake flowers at Walmart though, and gave them to my mom to go and put on my dad and grandparents graves. She plants the real flowers, but they, well, they DIE and I'd rather have something that lasts in the cemetery. There is enough death to deal with there, and wilted flowers depress me even more.

So enjoy your day, eat some steak, and remember your loved ones. And those brave souls that have served our country and helped us fight for freedom as well, because without them, who knows where we might be right now as a country.

Leaving you all with a photo of my dad, doing what he loved, watching tv and smoking cigarettes. (lung cancer eventually was his downfall, by the way) It's my 2nd Memorial Day without him or my grandmother, and I still miss them terribly.

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Vicki said...

I spent yesterday at the cemetery and ya, I do the *last longer* ones too. What a strange neighbor you have..and what a handsome man your dad was. Thanks for sharing this today. Enjoy your steak (o: