Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Can Haz Fleas

The joys of warm weather... abundant sunshine, warm temps, gorgeous flowers and plants, a green garden, and fleas.

You know you've got them in the house the minute your pet starts scratching like it's possessed. I've got it x4. With four cats, I've got four times the fleas to contend with. Flea meds are NOT cheap. I can vacuum every single pet hair in the house, but there is no way I am going to suck up every damn flea. And that escapee comes back with a vengeance a few weeks later with all their new friends. And people, lemme tell ya, these things are not playing around-they are out for BLOOD.

Hubby suffers more than I do-I mean he's hairier than I am and they probably mistake him for one of the cats or something. Either that, or they've developed a taste for that exotic Guatemalan blood he has. I guess they figure, why drink Wild Irish Rose when you can have a little Veuve-Clicquot instead, lol.

It starts so innocently, a scratch here, a scratch there. Everywhere a scratch, scratch. Sometimes we can even SEE them as they make their way to the next victim for a feast. (even with the expensive, monthly cat flea meds that we get, it won't keep them away-so I search the internet for ideas on how to deal with this plague, without resorting to bombing the entire house and leaving for the weekend)

So there you have it folks...we have fleas. Uninvited house guests that like to make their presence known, and irritate the hell out of us at times. Kind of like when your mother in law comes to stay for an extended period of time. You can relate, I know you can.

I've offered to shave hubby, but I can't print what his response to that was. I can tell you that it involved a four letter word though, along with his promise to ban all the felines to the basement for the remainder of the summer. (he's at work right now, and as I write this, one of the cats is lying on his pillow. Grooming himself. I know what that means... )

I wish we could just hang a sign on the door that says, "No Fleas, Please." Maybe they'd get the hint. I keep telling myself that fleas have been on this Earth for years, along with spiders, flies, lice and cockroaches. They must have SOME sort of purpose to be here. If you figure it out, be sure to let me know!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone :)

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