Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to the 80's!

Over the weekend my mother showed up at my house with my pink hair crimper, straight from the 80's. She'd had it stored in the attic and was wondering if I still wanted it. Deja, my 8 year old, was curious as to what a hair crimper did. I explained that it made your hair wavy and gave it some volume. Apparently that explanation wasn't good enough.

Today before school she was insistent that I crimp her hair. She even woke up early so that I could do it. She's heard about curling irons, straight irons and other hair goodies, but never, ever heard of a CRIMPING iron. Never mind the fact that she'd look like she came straight out of the 80's-she wanted to do it NOW.

I let my trusty iron heat up and proceeded to crimp. Her eyes never left the mirror and lit up in amazement every time I'd take the iron off her hair and it would be in curly waves. Man, my arm was getting tired! I forgot just how time consuming and hard this was to do! lol... either that or my old age is getting the best of me. (somehow I think that the latter is true)

To complete the look, we added an adorable hat that she'd chosen from Sweet Stella Baby's Etsy shop that I had won in a blog giveaway a couple of months ago. Check out the Etsy shop, she has a sale going on and tons of cute stuff too!

So here is the little Princess as I call her- (actually she is a Diva, and it's only just beginning! one said girls were this hard lol Daddy already fears he'll have to take out a loan just to keep her closet full of the latest fashions) she's ready to head out the door, in her new crimped 'do. (all her little friends commented on her hair today and asked where they could get their hair done like that...) Let's hope their moms or grandmoms (eek!) remember the 80's and somewhere, up in the attic or down in the basement... there's a dusty box full of 80's treasures just waiting to be opened. And maybe, just maybe, they'll find their own pink and purple Conair crimping iron way down at the bottom.

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exotic1 said...

Tell her I think she was sooooo cute with her hair done and that fancy hat~!