Friday, October 2, 2009

Zooni ConFEETi 3D Socks Review

Awhile back I had visited the Zooniwear site and saw the gorgeous selection of hats they have for little ones. As moms, we all like to have our little ones look cute and Zooniwear certainly helps with that!

Being a kid is all about having fun, and Zooniwear lets your kids have fun with fashion. When I was offered the chance to review a pair of their new 3D line of ConFEETi socks for my little grandson, I definitely knew I would be getting something fun.

The packaging was cute and I can say it was fun opening up the package to check out the cute little puppy socks I received inside. I was thrilled I got the puppy socks, because they were my absolute favorite.

I was impressed with the quality and thickness of the socks-not to mention that the cute little 3D design in the front was adorable. My little grandson is about 4 months old right now, and very into his feet. When we put these on, he immediately wanted to touch them and check things out. I will say that they were a little big for him right now, so we are waiting for his feet to grow into them some more. I have never seen 3D socks before, so this definitely was something new for this old Grandma!

I really like the fact that Zooniwear focuses on fashion AND fun. And 3D socks are definitely in the FUN category! Right now my little grandson doesn't wear shoes too much, mostly heavy socks-so these will be great when he has his feet grow a little bit. I couldn't try them on with shoes because they were a bit too big and the only thing I would like to see when they fit his feet correctly is that the 3D design in the front won't interfere with his shoes at all. I honestly think that they are high enough up not to, and that when he wears shoes the 3D doggie face will actually be above where the shoes begin. But since his feet are a bit too tiny right now, I can't tell if there will be a problem.

Thanks so much to Zooniwear and Parent Reviewers for letting me review the cute ConFEETi 3D socks! My little grandson, who is busy checking out his new socks also says thanks!


Mocha Dad said...

Those socks are funny.

Xenia said...

Great review, those socks are so darn cute!