Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back from California and Exhausted!

OMG, the trip was wonderful! I am most likely going to write more about it this weekend... when I have the chance since work is super busy and I am suffering from jet lag. We got in Friday the 16th at 10 pm instead of the 7 pm due to US Airways calling me to tell me they changed the flights. Then on the way home, the airports were filled with standbys and very harried United attendants looking to fly people home. I had a hard time with the time difference-and slept until at least noon on Monday. Even as I write this a day later I keep nodding off at the computer lol.

Here's a nice pic of hubby in San Francisco near the Embarcadero downtown area. It is so nice, and the weather was lovely too. We ate at some fancy restaurant and he tried (and succeeded in) eating a whole Dungeness crab with pasta... We don't have those here in Maine, and I really wanted him to try something that was native to the Pacific Northwest area. Me...well I ate a Kobe beef burger and it was the hugest thing I have ever seen! I couldn't even finish it all. The Bay Area was gorgeous and I am glad that we rented a car for a few hours on Saturday before the concert. I'd never been to the Pacific coast before, and figured this might be my only chance! The Bay Bridge is huge and I am so glad I wasn't driving on it :) And I am also glad we didn't have any earthquakes while I was in California, since I was on the 8th floor of the hotel. (See, that is what I get for watching too many disaster movies on SyFy!) The worst part... coming back to Maine and it was snowing!!!!!!


Priscila said...

Im in cali :)!!! Taking a trip is exhausting@! Its nice to finally get home and sleep in your own home isnt it? jhaha
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Dina's Days said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love the polka dots :) hope you have a great time with your mama tomorrow!