Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Good News...

As I sit here writing I am nervous, excited and waiting for things to sink in. Living in a bilingual multicultural household, I have always been a fan of Latin music, movies and yes, even the novelas! (and to share a secret with you, hubby watches those soap operas with me! shhh, don't tell him I told you!)

With my hubby Jose AND my ex-hubby both being Guatemalans, I was constantly listening to Spanish TV-we got DirecTV way back in the day when the dishes were almost a thousand dollars just so my ex could watch shows in Spanish! Unfortunately, he got the dish in the divorce :( But I got a new hubby and Dish Network to go along with him :) and it's been about 12 years now, and we are still watching TV together... As I write this, he is watching music videos on BandaMax and at lunchtime I can catch him watching La Tormenta, one of the current novelas he is interested in. The only thing that is irritating is watching cute, skinny young things with enhanced breasts dance around in bikinis during his morning DesControl show. Lately though, they have shown some muscular Papis so I have been paying MUCH more attention!

Anyways, I happened to see a sweepstakes posted for Pepe Aguilar (a Mexican artist I listen to) to name his new Signature Collection logo. I almost didn't make it, and I entered at the last minute. To me, the logo looked like the horns of a bull, and since a bull is a strong, noble animal and also plays a very important part of Latino culture, I thought it was only fitting. Plus, a logo really has to have a short name and be easy for people to remember. So I suggested (el) Toro. I really wanted just the word Toro, but because of my Spanish grammar and the fact that a gringa like me didn't want to seem stupid I added the El which is the equivalent of THE, so "the bull" was my choice, even though Toro alone sounded much better.

I got a call on my cell last night from a number I wasn't familiar with, and it was a gentleman telling me I was a finalist for the sweepstakes and asking me where I lived, if I could get time off from work, etc... I was so shocked, because I have always wanted to go to a concert by a major Latin American artist, and I know hubby would LOVE it! I waited and waited and watched the results being posted on his Facebook and Twitter pages. Apparently there was a person from Chile (it was open worldwide) who suggested the same name as I did, but before I did. Great minds think alike :) What was very, very unfortunate is the fact that she did not have the necessary travel documents to make a quick trip here to the States for the concert. While I am very happy that I won, I feel so bad for her because I know that this was indeed a dream come true for her as well. So, Katherinne Scarlet Rioseco Vera-congratulations to you too, as the true winner in this sweepstakes. And thank you for your kind words congratulating me as well.

I am anxiously awaiting paperwork since I am supposed to fly out on Friday sometime for the concert Saturday night at 8 pm in San Jose, CA. However, according to Twitter and Facebook, Pepe is pretty sick with a bad cold right now. I am hoping that he will be well enough to perform-in his line of work being sick is not fun :( So get well Pepe because I can't wait to meet you on Saturday night!

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take tons of pics for me!!! GRACIAS!!!!