Friday, January 2, 2009

A Sick Kid, an IV and Some Cool Rewards!

Monday I went to work and got a call that Deja was sick and puking up all over the place at the school program she goes to during vacations and before/after school. It was strange, and must have hit like lightning because I'd dropped her off an hour earlier and all was fine. So daddy went to pick her up, and all this week she has been lifeless, tired, not wanting to eat or drink and just being fussy saying she wasn't feeling well.

After saltines, ginger ale and a myriad of other things failed to touch it-I was pretty convinced this thing was viral. Then the sneezing, stuffiness, and coughing started. And the headache and fever were the finishing touches. I'd been at work today about an hour and a half when hubby called and I could hear Deja crying and screetching away in the background. She is usually a pretty tough kid, so I knew something had to be wrong. And hubby was very nervous, begging me to take her to the doctor's for her head pain. I told him to give her some more Tylenol for the fever and pain, and I'd be home shortly. Her headache would come in waves and she still wasn't eating or drinking so off to the ER we go after being told her dr. couldn't fit her in. She was moderately dehydrated, so they gave her an IV which didn't go over well- but she managed.

I promised her if she was good she'd get some type of a reward and boy was I relieved when I checked the mailbox and found a couple of really nice bloggy rewards to give her! As you can see above, they DEFINITELY brought a smile to her face after she'd just left the hospital!

First thing she opened was a small box and in it was a beautiful, heavy and well made Precious Girls Club charm bracelet! She immediately ditched her hospital bracelet and put this on-after I took the pic of course. Thank you Alaina, from for hosting such a nice girly giveaway-Deja loves the Precious Girls Club-we've read the book and visited the web site and it is a great SAFE place for little girls to go online and have fun! You've got to check out Alaina's blog header, I just love the photo!

The NEXT item she received perked up even daddy's ears. Now, while we don't have a Ridemakerz near us I love the fact that you can make your ride online. I was home at lunch time and caught Deja and daddy scoping out the site-and I couldn't tell who was more excited-him or her. This $75 Ridemakerz GC I won from Sarah over at is going to be so much fun to do over the weekend! I know Deja has already said it has to be PINK so we will go from there... and once I get it will post a pic for all to see! Thank you Sarah, for hosting such a neat giveaway that even little girls love! (and big boys too!)

So both of these rewards fit the bill for Deja's suffering thru her IV today-and even though she still didn't feel very well for the photo, she's grinning from ear to ear with happiness! Thanks Ladies!

EDIT: We just finished building the car online. It is a very easy process and lots of fun. Deja opted for a pink little car with a monster Chassiz, and remote control! Boy she is going all out for this one! Pink stickers, golden wheels, a cool sound-I had just as much fun watching her do this online and now she is counting down the days on the calendar until she gets her car! Since they come unassembled, she and Daddy will have fun when the package arrives too. Will post some pics of it when it arrives. Thanks Ridemakerz!


exotic1 said...

Poor thing glad she came home to something much nicer. Them IV's hurt! Hope she is feeling much better soon.

Lisa Loo said...

Scary! I am glad she is all better and love all the stuff you got!

Alaina said...

I am so gald it helped her out!

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