Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OMG, Live Game Shows Rock!

I was part of a focus group awhile back for a new, fun live game show/website called It's Easy to Win, put on by Eric Friedberg from CFA Promotions in Massachusetts.

During the testing phase, we offered our opinions on the site and gave Eric ideas to help promote his site. It was lots of fun, but unfortunately my PC settings were not working very well and I couldn't get in on the first game shows. It was a bummer, and so I did what every internet addict would do. Bought a new computer...and also a Apple iMac laptop this Christmas just for good measure. Now BEFORE I had the chance to hook up said new computer, which has been sitting in my living room since last summer-I managed to get this one up and running reasonably good.

So far, I have logged in to several of the Live Game Shows, and have had so much fun watching and listening to Eric. He really is so down to earth and a really cool guy-I enjoyed our emails back and forth during the focus group and I can tell you he REALLY likes to see people win.

And that is why tonight, as I am sitting here at my PC logged in and scarfing down the rest of my McD's french fries with Deja watching beside me-I was SHOCKED to be the first player on the State Your Case Game! I was playing for TWO THOUSAND dollars... visions of little dollar bills (and big ones too!) danced in my head as I picked up my cell to call Eric and tell him I wanted case 42 (my age, shhh....) with Maine for the license plate inside. Eric even so nicely offered me 100 bucks to not take the case, but hubby Jose was next to me telling me to go for it. Well, I did. And nope, it was Arkansas in that case but gosh wasn't it fun just imagining what I'd do with all that money. I was kinda bummed about giving up a hundred bucks, but ya know-I went into the game with nothing, so if I leave with nothing, that's okay too. It was FUN, and that is what counts.

Head over to www.itseasytowin.com and check out their instant games, register for the site, and be sure to visit the live games schedule. You just never know, you might be picked! Hey, if he asks you if you have a referral, tell them Michele from Waterville, ME sent ya and GOOD LUCK! Win Big! Oh, if you doubt that these prizes are sent out, I can tell you they are...when I was in the focus group this past summer, I won $25 and Eric sent me the check within a few days, so yes, this is a LEGIT site!

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