Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthdays and Bows...

Earlier this week, Deja was invited to a birthday party for one of her classmates, Evan. The party was today, but unfortunately I don't have pics because my digital camera batteries died :( After picking out his gift (a Webkin Lizard) and signing his card she was ready for the party.

Deja is a girly-girl but not used to wearing dresses. So I was surprised when she was insistent that she was going to wear a dress, tights and a pretty bow in her hair. I'd gotten a beautiful hairbow with a winter theme (light blue, shimmery and with snowflakes, gorgeous!) from A Joyful Baby Bowtique
and she wore it to the party. Everyone commented on how pretty it was, and it was the perfect size for a 7 year old who wanted to feel special. When we left, she told me Evan, the classmate who had the birthday had told her "how pretty she looked" with her dress, jewelry and hairbow. She's trying to grow out her bangs, so clippies and hair bows seem to be the item of the moment. Check out their website, she has many gorgeous hair accessories for your little girl :)

At the party, they played lots of fun games and a great time was had by all. Another little classmate friend named Gavin showed up with his mom and the mommies had a fun time chatting away. I wish I had been a little more talkative, but towards the end of the party I ended up getting a migraine and came home to a Fioricet and a nap. I've been working so much and probably overdid it last night by staying so late after a full day. I tend to get my migraines when my body is overtired so this was probably it. Anyways, the nap worked.

Thanks so much to the Joyful Baby Bowtique for sponsoring the giveaway for the lovely hairbow, and to Sara at Momma Findings for having the giveaway! Deja loved her new hair bow and it was the talk of the party! Be sure to visit Sara's blog-her button is on my sidebar with the cute little lady bug-because she's always having some great giveaways!

UPDATE: I just went to her Etsy site and got another bow for Deja-a beautiful chocolate brown and pink one. By the time I get it I should have my camera working and be able to take pics of her pretty new hair accessories!

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Sara said...

So great to hear you loved the bow! They are beautiful! :)