Friday, January 9, 2009

Cats and Vets-They just don't mix!

Well tonight after work I managed to corral my cat Brujita into the carrier and take her to the dreaded annual vet exam. First off, I had to bribe her with a nice can of wet cat food to even get her to come out of hiding. Usually, every day when I come home she runs to greet me. They say animals don't understand, but I told her yesterday she was going to the vet after work today and I will tell ya--that cat understood me loud and clear. I came home at lunch, no cat. I called her, she didn't appear. After work, again no cat in sight. Finally Deja located her underneath the kitchen table, with no intention of coming out.

Things got worse when I went to the basement to get the cat carrier. She and Shadow knew something was up. Tippy, my outdoor kitty bolted out the pet door before I could even set the thing down. In an effort to entice them out into the open, I opened a can of wet kitty food. She cautiously started to eat and I lunged. She ran. Under the bed. Hubby scared her out, and finally I caught her back in the kitchen again and put her into the carrier. She was NOT happy, and was growling at me.

In the car, the pleasant smell of fresh cat poop wafted under my nose and Deja proclaimed that Brujita had pooped in her carrier. We arrived early at the vet and the wailing resumed. After I explained her little accident, they took her out back to clean her up. Soon they brought her back to me in a cleaner carrier and I waited with her and Deja in the exam room. Deja stated that she still reeked, but there wasn't much we could do about that. I tried to comfort her, but she was having none of that. She was pissed. I had to laugh as she turned her body from me and she faced the corner of the crate, not even looking at me-kind of like a little child reprimanded to face the corner. Finally, the vet came in, checked her over, she got the shot and we left.

She's home now-the minute I walked in the door she knew the scent of the house and began to paw frantically at the carrier door. I opened it and she ran out and hid. It's been a couple of hours and I am still on the shit list because I haven't seen her once. She will get over it in a day or two, she always does. And in two weeks I get to repeat the same scene all over again, with another cat! Wish me luck!


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Yarn Hungry Hog said...

Oh, I just love that name, Brujita. Is she really a little bruja?
My cats are exactly like yours when it comes to the cat carrier and vet visits. I think all cats are. Which reminds me, I should blog about my Jake.

Lisa Loo said...

Too funny--I think they know too. Love how she "punished" you!!

exotic1 said...

Boy does my cat look like your cat to weird Michele. I have to take her too so I'll be going through the same thing. Every time I take her to the vets she hides for the next 3 or 4 days and we can't find her any where.