Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random happenings over the weekend...

I think I am the only one that has had a new computer in a box for about 4 years lol... I wanted to wait until my other one with Windows XP kicked the bucket (which the monitor has been doing intermittently for the past several weeks) since I heard bad things about Windows Vista, which my "new" computer currently has.

But today, I got adventurous and installed and set up the new PC within the past hour-and now have the daunting task of transferring over photos and music and all that good stuff :) And I am currently drooling over the NEXT computer I want to get, a touch screen All in One lol.

This new PC has huge screen, and I am very happy with not having to squint as I stare at the monitor this evening. It has been a very long day (actually I have been shopping until I drop all weekend) and I got a GREAT deal on Birkenstock clogs... a local salvage store got in 11,000 of these puppies last week and distributed them to their stores state wide. $100 clogs going for $19.99 had me in a tizzy, and I scooped up 6 pair (3 for me, and 3 for my 9 yr old) and am currently in Birki's heaven.

So as I get used to this PC, and add pics and music and all that-it will be a bit of a challenge since I am basically PC illiterate, but I will survive! No work for me tomorrow, so going to do more housecleaning, have the grandson for a bit, and go for yet another follow up at the dentist. (yes, MORE tooth problems!) School vacation is this week too, so Deja will be heading to childcare to have fun with her friends while mommy works and daddy sleeps. (daddy works nights) Have a great weekend everyone!

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