Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Heat...

I honestly think I could have cooked an egg on the sidewalk today. Never mind that, I probably could have cooked an omelet. It was (and still is) hot and humid here in Central Maine for September 1st.

I am fighting yet another migraine, am feeling just plain blah, and my body is adjusting to an earlier wake up time now that my daughter went back to school today. If that isn't crazy enough, Hurricane Earl just might pay us a visit over the weekend. (praying I don't lose my power, I have emails to respond to and posts to write!)

Tomorrow is supposed to be another day the same as today, hot, humid, and just plain miserable. To me, that takes the term "in heat" to a whole new level folks. Even in the air conditioning, the sweat just pours off me. It's got to be middle aged hormones mixed in with the heat, because my face is even breaking out-unusual for me since my skin tends to be as dry as the Sahara on a good day. I am usually slathering on some sort of elixir to make me look less wrinkled and well preserved so this is certainly a change.

I will be back soon, with another giveaway and a couple of reviews. I might even give away another Avon product too-something cute for Fall to get you in the baking mood. Right now, McDonald's is my best friend and the oven door remains shut. There will be no more baking, cooking or slaving over a hot stove until this heat wave is over. Lucky for me, payday is tomorrow. Looks like Chinese take out is in the cards for the evening meal tomorrow.

I am now going to rest with a cool cloth over my head and eyes... It's nights like this when I have a migraine I think of the old Foreigner song "Double Vision" because that is what I've got right now... and it's getting the best of me! (they may have meant it a whole other way, but to me, double vision=migraine) Be back soon!

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Debbie said...

Our days have all been like that until today! Today it is in the 70s and perfectly lovely. I hope you get this weather soon.