Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barbie A Fashion Fairytale DVD Review

Growing up in the 60's and 70's (ahem...) I loved my Barbie dolls. I won't deny that I am jealous of the things that young girls have today as far as Barbie goes, and only wish I could have had that much fun myself with Barbie online, Barbie cars, palaces, houses, etc...

With an 8 year old in the house, I have to say that I am guilty of buying her Barbie toys just so I can end up playing with them myself... (shh... no one is supposed to know that) and we've watched her collection of Barbie DVD's together a few times.

I was thrilled when Mom Select asked me to review the latest Barbie DVD, "Barbie A Fashion Fairytale." I didn't let my daughter know it was coming, so when she came home from school recently AND had finished all her homework, I told her I had a surprise for her and pulled out the DVD. We watched it twice that night, and since then, she's watched it a few times more by herself.

It was fun seeing a modern actress Barbie leaving her ex Ken (yes, they break up temporarily-lol) and heading to Paris to visit her Aunt Millie and help her aunt save her fashion house in Paris so that it won't close up for good.

With a little fairy dust and help from " Flairie friends" Aunt Millie, her assistant Alice and Barbie prepare for a fabulous fashion show using Alice's designs. Unfortunately, their magical friends are kidnapped before the show-with the designs still incomplete! But, as they say-the show must go on. So Barbie, Aunt Millie, and Alice begin working hard to get their creations finished in time for the show. With a little hard work, and believing in themselves-they pull it off in time and become a hit.

We found it to be a fun family movie (although little boys might not like it as much as girls, because of the girly theme of course!) and a refreshing change from the DVD's we usually watch. (action, horror and stuff along those lines that mom and dad watch when our daughter has headed off to dreamland...) This time, we got to watch a movie together and even dad got into the act by popping a bowl of popcorn and sitting down to watch. (even though boxing was on!) It gave us some great family time, and reinforced what we always tell our daughter-that with hard work, and believing in herself, she can accomplish anything.

To purchase this DVD from Amazon, go here. You can play games related to the movie on Barbie.com or even check out the preview on Youtube here.

Thanks to Mom Select for providing us with this wonderful DVD to watch with our daughter!

Disclosure: I was provided a DVD of Barbie A Fashion Fairytale to watch with my family. I received no other compensation and the opinion above is my own.

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