Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blog for a Cure Event-Extended

Cancer Sucks. This pic is of my dad, who passed away on Valentine's Day 2009 of lung cancer. The man loved to smoke his cigarettes-but he paid the price. Prior to that, he had skin cancer on his face, from years of outdoor construction work and fishing without using sunscreen. To see a family member or loved one suffering from the effects of cancer is hard. The painful treatments, the toll cancer takes on the body, the fight to keep living-so hard to watch, so heartbreaking when the fight is lost.

Most, if not all of us have known someone with cancer. Or known someone whose own family was touched by this terrible disease. Right now, there is a great event going on where you can donate to this cause-yes, there are prizes, and only $1.00 donation gets you an entry into ALL the drawings. If you contribute more, you can use those additional entries to put in the drawings you really want to win. It goes to a wonderful cause and you can also win some great things donated by generous sponsors. If you donate $30 or more, be sure to look at the special automatic items you will receive just for donating at several levels.

Head over to Who Knew Reviews to enter today-it has been extended until Monday. Or just click the link in my left sidebar to check it out. Remember, just $1.00 will get you into ALL the drawings, for extra entries just leave a comment on those you want to enter because if you donate more, you will be able to use additional entries for those prizes you really want to win! Note: even if you donate $1.00 you will have one entry into all the drawings, but you must comment on the post too!

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Lani said...

Thank you so much for participating and for helping spread the word:)