Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh, my Aching Head!

I have had a migraine now for the last few days... and to be honest, the last thing I wanted to do was stare at the computer all night after I'd been on it all day at work.
Usually, when I get a migraine, I can pop a Fioricet or two and it's gone-but there are a couple of times a year where the pills just take the edge off the migraine, but it still lingers, and comes back in the morning with a vengeance... I am pretty sure that this is one of those times.

Unfortunately, the treatment for that is an IV in the hospital. A dark room, cold facecloth on my head, and some sort of drug cocktail flowing through my veins usually gets the job done. I am going to hold off for as long as possible-and I have tons of housework to do in addition to reviews etc... The past 2 days, I haven't even been able to drive, hubby has had to bring me to work. Yesterday he left me the car, and I drove myself home (I don't live far) but my vision was pretty impaired, so don't want to drive again until I can be sure that this thing is gone.

I just woke up about a half hour ago, I thought maybe the lack of sleep this past week and adjusting from layoff schedule to work schedule was my problem. So I am going to relax and do some more laundry and take a nap when my eyes get tired from being on the computer. Wishing you all a great weekend, hope to have more posts up over the weekend!

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