Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've Got A Virus...

I have a virus... and it is not the kind that anyone really wants. Sigh... even my poor Macbook won't work, and until I am back to work I just can't pay the computer repairman to do what he needs to do to get me up and running again.

That being said, my Macbook is still frozen-this computer is working, but my browser gets hijacked constantly by this Win32 Alureon.H virus that, from what I have read online, is a b...h to remove. Most recommend wiping out your hard drive and re-installing windows. Ugh... considering my disc drive in this computer doesn't work either (that is another story, but had to do with a hot candle, some wax, and a cat jumping onto my computer desk lol) so even if I could FIND the discs in some long forgotten corner I can't use them because the drive won't read anything. Methinks it's time for this PC to hit the graveyard... lol.

I have heard that this virus does compromise personal info, but even my back up computer is out of commission, so I need to get to another computer to change all my passwords soon. In the meantime, I will keep on writing and reviewing and doing what I can until I dig my semi new (as in 3 yrs and still in the box) PC out of the closet. And buy a good virus protection before I set it up, lol. As long as this one still works somewhat I will continue using it, but not do any online payments or banking on it. And if you all get some really strange correspondence from me, email me first because who knows what this root kit trojan backdoor virus or whatever it is called is doing.

Since I have been back, everything seems to have gone wrong. Wonder if I can head back to Guatemala and stay there another week, then come back again and see if things get any better... I will be choosing winners later this week and sending out prizes and doing some reviews soon enough-I am still catching up on emails that came in while I was gone, and it is a slow process since I am also doing laundry, cleaning house, and cleaning the fridge. Geez, when you are gone 19 days and leave kids in charge of the house, things just don't always get done. Well, I am headed to bed now-it's WAY past this old lady's bedtime and I'm exhausted. Good night all!


Erin said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway! I hope that you will come back for another visit soon.

Warm regards,


becca said...

why do people make viruses? i just don't understand the meanness. so frustrating.