Monday, June 7, 2010

Recent Goings-On In My Busy, Busy Life!

I'm back, rested and raring to go after a few days of not posting anything here. I have to tell you all I have been so busy packing- (I'll be flying out of Boston to Miami and then on to Guatemala in just 10 short days!) I've been running around making sure that all of my documents are in order, clothes shopping for a few new outfits and trying hard to get the house cleaned somewhat before leaving. My son and his girlfriend will be holding down the fort while I'm gone, and leaving the house to a couple of teenagers for such a long time has me a bit nervous. My mom will be checking up on them though, and taking their baby for his operation (he needs tubes in his ears) the same day we fly out. I wish I could be here... but the doctors couldn't change the dates.

While in Rhode Island last week, I had the pleasure of having an ice cold Del's Frozen Lemonade. If you've ever been to RI, you probably know that Del's Frozen Lemonade is very popular there... especially on hot, muggy days when a frozen lemonade does the body good. I stuck to the traditional lemon flavor, but they also have cherry, watermelon, blueberry and other flavors that I don't remember them having when I lived there. (well, I do remember the watermelon one, I used to get it once in awhile.) If you are ever in RI, be sure to get one, they are delicious!

Hubby and I went to eat some Pollo Campero again on this trip, but during our visit we were the only ones in the restaurant. Just as we settled down to eat, the fire alarm went off. Unfortunately, our table was right over the damn alarm and I almost peed my pants when the stupid thing went off it was so loud! But since nothing could keep us from eating our chicken, we continued to eat completely unfazed by the pulsing strobe light and piercing noise from the alarm. I looked around, we didn't smell smoke or see flames, so I figured it was just a machine malfunctioning, which indeed it was. Unfortunately, the help had to come over and tell us to leave but promised us more chicken and a free meal if we would leave since it was State Law we had to be out of the restaurant when the fire department came. Hubby, in his quest for more chicken, readily agreed.

I also got to eat some pupusas from the El Salvadoran restaurant close to my sister in law's house and unfortunately suffered through a terrible thunderstorm with BAD lightning and hail, winds, and lots of rain. I hate thunderstorms, and lemme tell ya, this was a good one. I usually curl into a fetal position on my bed, purse in hand, until the darn thing is over. But not this time, I had to be brave, lol. Considering all the mayhem and craziness the weather has been full of lately, I am sure you've probably had some in your neck of the woods too. My thoughts go out to those affected by those tornadoes recently-as if we don't need another weather calamity on our hands. Stay safe!

I also had my hair cut and colored, finally! My stylist and I went to school together and have known each other since, like the 3rd grade. We did have a hair raising experience when a HUGE bumble bee flew into the salon and began dive bombing us repeatedly-but her very gallant co-worker was nice enough to shoo him out the door for us. Lucky for me, she hadn't started yet-so the only thing we had in our hands was our towels... reminder to self, do NOT whack a bumble bee with a towel, it only serves in pissing them off more in the long run.

Don't forget to enter my giveaways! When I'm in Central America, I am hoping to get a prepaid internet service and post some photos and maybe even videos on YouTube. I've jokingly threatened hubby with divorce if I don't get some sort of online time while I'm there, since I am addicted to the internet and need to know what's happening in cyber world. My mom is taking one of my cats, Stubby the KING of the house since he is "the most likely to escape" should a teenager leave a door open a bit too long and I am not home to watch him. I don't think the cat will want to come back home with me though, after being at my moms. She told me today she has purchased hamburger, 2 lbs of bacon, and pork chops. For the cat. And she plans on cooking for him. Sigh... there's no way he will leave that kibble to come back home and eat Meow Mix, I can tell you that for sure.

Have a happy Monday everyone! (and I leave you with a photo of Del's Frozen Lemonade in hand on my 4 hr trip back to Maine last Friday)

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