Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Father's Day!

Time to celebrate with your special Dad... or remember him if he's gone :( Hubby and I are planning on celebrating with his Dad by taking him out to eat someplace-but today is crazy nuts with all sorts of family members descending upon my brother in laws house like locusts. I've met every tia, tio, prima, and 3rd cousin twice removed and while I speak Spanish, I'm having a hard time remembering names! (and that will probably get worse after a few drinks of Vodka Slush that hubby forced me to make so that his sisters would have a suitable "women's drink")

So here's three Dads that are special to me: Hubby, my son and of course my own dear Dad... whom I really didn't get to know until later in life, but don't regret the time spent with him-I was fortunate to have him in my life while he was here with us. May he rest in peace, he will be in my thoughts today.

Alright! Don't forget to let Dad know how special he is, and have a great day celebrating with him!


lmarroquin_68 said...

so how are things going there?fill me in on juicy

Vicki said...

Hope you all had a good Dad's Day. Love the old wallpaper behind your dad's picture!
Had to laugh at the proper ladies drink... Booze is booze!