Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello from Guatemala!

Well, I have arrived in Guatemala-after a very scary plane ride out of Miami. I had the joy of sitting in the airplane and waiting almost 2 hours for the plane to take off. The heat from a stuffy compartment filled with passengers, screaming fussy kids, and my 8 yr old falling asleep and then startling herself with some random nightmare left for a very migraine-filled experience. Deja woke suddenly, and in the process hit daddy's table with our ginger ales on them-there is nothing like flying 3 hours with wet pants, take it from one who knows. (although hubby got the worst of it, I did manage to get hit with some flying ice cubes in the process.)

Our first night, we were up until 4 am the next day. For those wondering, with our East Coast time kicking in, it was more like 6 am... and it certainly felt like it too! The weather was and has been hot and humid, with very little rain. I am kicking myself for not packing more appropriate clothing, since sweat pants just don't cut it.

The airport was different, your family has to wait for you outside-there is no entering under any circumstances, and there are plenty of men with big guns to ensure you listen to what they have to say. But seeing men with guns is common here, even the simple grocery store or pharmacy happens to have a guard. I know it is for my protection, so just go along with it-the locals don't even bother to give them a second glance.

My daughter has suffered with mosquito bites (and bad ones I might add) but since nothing is screened here, the house abounds with flies and mosquitoes. I have to admit, I got a little freaked out about all the flies on the food here, but if you are hungry...welllll-you gotta do what you gotta do. I kind of liken it to Survivor-they had to eat bugs so if I happen to bite into one well, I will just close my eyes and think it's chicken or something. We've already gotten Montezuma's Revenge-and the toilet has been my best friend for the past 48 hours. My daughter is suffering from the stomach pains now-and she already has had her antibiotics. (yes I came prepared!)

I will be in Antigua this weekend and hoping to write more-stay tuned!

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