Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Maine Winter is (s) NO (w) place for me!

sigh... it's winter in Maine. I still can't believe that just a few months ago I took this photo down by the coast when I could see the ground (now it's covered in that WHITE stuff, ugh!) and it was warmer... today we actually had a heat wave, with temperatures in the 30's. But tonight, it's back to cold temps, black ice and watching the oil in my tank dwindle down to nothing in the next couple of days.

I hate winter, I really do. I used to love it as a kid, making snow angels and playing with friends-we loved to make snow forts and have huge snowball fights. And the sliding was awesome, I can still remember the blue saucer I had that took me down the hill at lightning speed-and ending up at the traffic jam at the bottom amid a myriad of boots, mittens and tangled little bodies. Back then it was FUN to crash into your friends (or foes!) at the bottom of the hill and take them out just as they were struggling to get up from the icy pathway made by the sleds of all shapes and sizes. And when it rained and froze over, watch out, glare ice!

I used to love catching snowflakes on my tongue and gaze in wonder at their beauty as they fell from the dreary, overcast skies. Now I gaze at them and curse (not so silently, by the way) about how I am going to have to drive in this #$&*#%^* crap! And albeit as hard as I tried, I never could find two snowflakes that were alike... now, they all look the same to me...lol. (as I shovel them from the walkway)

My mind, (and arthritic obese body as well) yearn for the sun, warmth, and pleasant temperatures of another place. The only slush I want to see is the Vodka Slush I will be drinking as I gaze upon palm trees gently blowing in the breeze. Winter in Maine is no fun... and then after, we have Mud Season. Around Mid May things start to pick up again, and the warmer breezes and smell of Spring finally hit us full force. Sure, we may have a day or two in March that will act as a teaser; with 70 degree temperatures and full sunshine. But the next day, Old Man Winter returns and gives us the classic Nor'Easter with a foot of snow and blizzard conditions.

Right now I am hating my husband. His passport came and he heads off to Guatemala (where it is SUMMER by the way) for about 3 weeks. I have to stay here, hold down the fort, and work. My teen son doesn't know how to operate the snow blower and I have visions of him blowing snow all over the yard next door. I am hoping for good weather and no snow, but in Maine, in the middle of winter, I know I am shit out of luck on that one.

Maybe, just maybe-I can send my wish to Santa. Tell him to take it easy on the snow and ice until hubby gets back. Stock up on groceries in the meantime... and know that Papa John's will still deliver even if I won't venture past my front porch. And I will bake, and play Yahtzee, and blog, and watch scary movies... and read a few good books-as I settle down and deal with winter here in Maine. After all, watching the snow fall can be relaxing...as long as you're not driving in it!

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Hanako66 said...

i hope that the weather is cooperative for you!!!