Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Old Age=Forgetfulness?

I swear I am losing my mind-it's got to be age related, because I was never like this before. It's a scary thing, forgetting where I put stuff, only to find it in front of me a few minutes later or just plain forgetting what the heck I was going to do next and sitting at my desk or standing in whatever room I happen to be in at the time, wracking my brain for answers.

Today, I decided to head for the local Dollar Tree and Family Dollar to stock up on paper plates, cups, kleenex-the usual stuff. Family Dollar is all fine and good, paid cash and got the heck out while the getting was good. Had my list with me for Dollar Tree, but once I get in there find much more stuff than what was on my list. No problem, I think, I have my wallet and credit cards with me. Wrong!

I get to the checkout, and begin unloading all my purchases while I look frantically in my purse for my wallet. Finally, a light bulb goes off somewhere up in my cranium... AHA! I left it on the bed, when I took it out earlier to clean it out. By then I am glancing at the cash I had on hand and nervously asking the clerk what the total was up to...

All of a sudden, I reach in another pocket of my purse, looking for more cash and out falls my debit card. WHY it was not in my wallet, I don't know-but I am VERY glad that I have it in hand at the moment. Of course, I had to pay some cash and pay some on the debit card, but luckily walked out of the store without embarassing myself further. Then, I remember the REASON I took the wallet out of my purse---because I was looking for my missing debit card!

Please tell me I am not the only one who does this-has something like this ever happened to you?

UPDATE: thanks for all the comments, I know I am not alone in this after all. Would you believe that mom called me a few days later and asked me if I had forgotten my dad's birthday? Guess what day it was? Yup, the 25th! Time to get the belated bday card and a few lotto scratch tix and he will be happy! Where WAS my mind that day?


Walk in the Woods said...

You are not alone. I walk from one room to another on a mission, only to arrive numbly wondering what it was I needed, wanted, was after . . . It's comical really.

For me, it is hormonal. I have foods and herbs that help, but it still sneaks in on occasion and I just laugh. This too, shall pass.


Jamie Lovely said...

Oh gosh. I switch bags all the time and things always end up in the wrong place when I need them.

You are definitely not alone.

Joanne Kennedy said...

You made me laugh as I read this because it sounds just like me. I often think I'm going crazy or someone is playing tricks on me trying to make me lose my mind.

You are not alone. It only gets worse as time goes on.

All those things my mom used to tell me is now what my life is like. Oh the pains of getting older!


"Tutus & TippyToes" said...

Im guessin it is ALL YOU!!! never in a bazillion years would that happen to anyone else!!! How about getting direct deposit and thinking it was the day of just that and so you go buy 2 shopping carts of food and only to find out that the direct deposit isnt until the following day!!! So hows that grab ya!! Do you feel better now!!?? I was so flipping out over not having laundry soap that the cashier paid for it and told me to not worry about it!! WOW, I soooo hate the grocery store!!!
Thanks for stoppin by!! Lila

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more ))) adorable post!!!

Absolutely Fabulous said...

hi! thanks for visiting and leaving a note.
i am so forgetful it's not funny!!!!!

Farmchick said...

This type of thing happens to me ALL the time soooo don't feel bad! Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining in my giveaway!

my2boyz said...

OMG!!! I do that ALL THE TIME!!! I am ALWAYS frantically looking for my debit card in my wallet only to find it in the inside pocket of my purse or in my back pocket from when I pumped gas! Someday I will learn! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

This has been happening to me more and more! I think as your kids grow your brain shrinks!