Monday, June 23, 2008

Back from Canada with goodies!

No, not me silly. But since we live about 3 1/2 hours from the Canadian border, off ventured my dad (who is Canadian btw) and mom to buy cheese, butter, french bread and those wonderful Vashon cakes. I don't know what it is about Canadian food, but it makes me hungry. No, I take that back-I am hungry irregardless, it just TASTES BETTER knowing that it came from Canada.

I know what will happen next-my father will eat 2 pounds of his cheese curds in one sitting because he waited a year or so to get them. He will have satisfied his cravings, but he WILL be miserable for a couple days until he takes a laxative. Trust me, it's happened before. Mom and I will eat some french bread, and, as I type this my daughter Dejanera is asking for those "french cupcakes"-never mind that grandma bought 11 boxes of the stuff.

I haven't been to Canada in a couple years, I miss St. Hubert's chicken and Mike's Restaurant for their pizza. Ahhh, the food of my youth-when I visited Canada at least twice a month. At first, I remembered the culture shock-the pizza that had the pepperoni put under the melted, bubbly cheese, and the packets of butter they gave you with your pizza. Butter, you ask? Yup, I observed several of my buddies in the day slathering the warm, melted cheese with butter-and it was really good! But I could never bring myself to eat poutine-French fries slathered with gravy and melted cheese. I can remember, when, in the crowded restaurant at 3 am I exlaimed GROSS! when my friend Martin ordered poutine. The waitress was NOT impressed, gross to them means FAT and she thought I was calling her fat. Poor Martin had to explain his way out of that one, I don't know exactly what he said-but it made her happy, and I think she was also happy with the $5 tip we left her (in American money of course!) Speaking of Poutine, they even have a version with melted cheese and spaghetti sauce, Poutine Italienne or something like that. And would you believe Mike's has a restaurant in the good old USA? In Las Vegas to be exact, but it looks like they are expanding their franchising to several neighboring states, just not Maine.

Well, I'd be writing more, but a certain little girl keeps tugging at my arm hurrying me to get those cupcakes... so I am off to enjoy Canadian goodies for a bit! Happy Monday to you all!

UPDATE: The loaf of french bread is gone, Deja ate 7 Vashon cupcakes in ONE Sitting and now she is on a sugar high, it's 10:15 pm where I am, and she is still bouncing off the walls here! The All Dressed and Ketchup Yum Yum brand potato chips have been opened and the bags are half empty... or should I say half full?


Joanne Kennedy said...

Well my first thought was YUCK when I read about butter on pizza and the cheese and spaghetti but then I thought about it and it may not be that bad. I would try it for sure.

I've never been to Canada but I would like to go. Oh wait! That's not true. I forgot I have been to Canada. Just last year as a matter of fact. But just a few hours. It was one of our stops on a cruise I took.

Since it was Sunday most places were closed but we just walked around and then ate dinner. No butter was served with my pizza though.

Thanks for entering my give away. Good luck winning!


Anonymous said...

Canada.. it must be a great place to visit. You are so lucky )))

Trooper Thorn said...

I feel the same way about going to the South. Chicken fried steak, real barbeque, deep fried okra, hoppin john, black eyed peas all washed down with sweet tea.

Time for a late night snack.