Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogging is Big!

Wow! Where have I been? I have been looking at and posting on blogs all day-there are so many people out there who have awesome looking blogs, with tons of photos, cool layouts, I am so jealous, lol.

I guess I didn't realize that blogging was as big as it is-I mean, back in 2004-2005 a coworker told me about blogging but I figured it was something that college aged kids were doing since she mentioned her daughter in college out of state had a blog.

And the crafty people...omg-I can't sew a button on a shirt, let alone come up with some of the beautiful stuff these people do. Every fall we have the local craft fairs, and I am addicted to buying stuff for my house because I just LOVE homemade crafts. When hubby goes to Guatemala every year I beg him to bring me back goodies to decorate with. I don't have a particular theme, country, Southwest, nautical, Central American-I just end up with a hodgepodge of different decor types, and I like it that way. No one else seems to mind either, though my teen son gives me the look of "oh no, she bought more junk" and rolls his eyes whenever he sees me with my latest purchase. So that room is off limits, but my 6 year old loves decor as much as I do, with the condition that it has to have pink-(or light blue is passable too).

So here I am blogging away, and perusing others blogs for recipes, information, to enter their giveaways, and just finding out more about people in other parts of the country/world. When work starts up I will be depressed, won't have much time for reading or posting-but I am really enjoying this hobby (along with my other interests which I never have time for either!). So if you've stopped by to read my blog, I welcome you. Please excuse the newbie layout/look-hoping to adjust that as time goes along (had to enlist my son's help for my myspace layout though, so might have to have a helper) Feel free to leave me a comment, I look forward to hearing from you!


mjenningsdesigns said...

Stopping by to say Hi and thanks for entering my giveaway!


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean about there are so many fun and informative blogs out there...i could read them all day!

thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck on the giveaway...hope you come back!