Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Countdown Begins...

As things wind down at work and the days get longer and warmer (lately though, that's been a joke-snow in April here in Maine!) I am waiting for my vacation and time of rest and relaxation after a very busy season. (I work about 8-9 months and then am laid off for 3-4)

This year has presented a lot of challenges at work, but without the great group of co-workers I have it would have been much harder. Sure, we all have our moments-I'd be wrong to say that every day at work was perfect-but we also help each other out and treat one another like family. Even when laid off, we usually keep in touch with one another, whether it be via Facebook, or just stopping in to say hello to those still there year round.

I'm heading back to Guatemala again during layoff. This time, for a month. While I am not looking forward to the plane ride (all the plane inspections in the news lately has me nervous) I am looking forward to heading to the Land of Eternal Spring-albeit during rainy season-to visit family and friends.

Last year, I was surprised that rainy season was dry and humid. During the 3 weeks we spent there, it only rained a few times. Hubby swears this wasn't normal, and to be prepared this year for lots of rain. Seeing his family bundled up in winter jackets, sweaters, etc... while we were walking around in shorts and tee shirts was too funny-50 degrees here in Maine is a heat wave, lol.

What I can live without... the spiders. And the mutant cockroaches. Look at the photo above of a cockroach that made it into our room one night. (hubby's family has a nice house, but these monsters come up from the sewers at night to look for food, I will bet that even the guy that lives in the mini mansion up the road has them wandering around lol)

Also, I am still not used to seeing armed guards everywhere. Considering Guatemala City has millions of inhabitants, some not so nice (it is one of the more violent countries in Central America and the world due to gangs and corruption) I understand why those guards are there, but it is still a bit unnerving. Imagine heading to Walmart CentroAmerica (HiperPaiz) for some shopping and being greeted by a guard with a BIG gun...lol. Also, I never wear a purse-you have to leave them in lockers there and I am not going to do that, even though you have a key or an ID to get your belongings later after you are done shopping. Nope, I will stuff the money in my bra the good old Guate way (just like my mother in law) and whip it out when needed. (the money, not the breast folks. But public breast feeding is VERY common over there.)

So the days are dwindling down and my luggage is filling up with gifts for family and friends. I am getting antsy, wanting the days to fly by quickly. I can almost smell the fresh made tortillas wafting in the air and see the bright colors of the market, full of delicious food and colorful textiles.

The countdown to vacation has begun...and am I ready!

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