Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Another Night in the 'Hood

My son called me up a little while ago and told me some woman that lived around the corner from them got hit by a car or something... I'm still not too sure on the story yet, since I took a walk around the corner right after she'd been put in the ambulance, but apparently a man (who she knew) went into her house with a gun, they had some sort of argument, her boyfriend got into the mix and chased the dude out of the house with a baseball bat and smashed his windshield...

Add an angry pit bull to the ordeal, defending his mistress-and you've got a person that went to the wrong house... Apparently the guy also got bit by the woman's pit bull and as he was leaving the driveway hit the woman and ran over her legs.

According to my son's girlfriend, the woman kept trying to get up but couldn't feel her legs. Sigh... just another night here in the 'hood I guess. My house is affordable, cheaper than renting, and the area still is reasonably safe with a few good neighbors around. But there are times I truly want to pack things up and go live in a cabin in the woods, away from all this craziness. I am kind of sorry I sold my cute little .22 with the pink handle when I had kids... I'd probably feel a bit safer with it at times.

I'm off to bed, gotta work tomorrow :( (now I love my job, but I sure wish Veteran's Day had been on a Friday instead!) Before I head off to dream land though, gonna go check the doors, and make sure it's all good. Goodnight everyone!

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