Thursday, January 21, 2010

Becoming my Mother...

I seriously think I am becoming my mother. Tonight I went out with hubby after getting my hair cut and colored (in my quest to be well preserved and a nursing home hottie) and we FINALLY made it to Margarita's Mexican Restaurant for my nachos.

While there, I ordered a frozen strawberry margarita. Now back in the good old days, I was sipping on these suckers like there was no tomorrow. Tonight I just wanted to sleep. Yes, sleep. As in curl up in a little ball and nap on the table between the salsa and chips. Granted, I've been sick, but that is no excuse for acting like my mother, who gets drunk from sniffing the inside cap of a beer bottle.

I looked around and observed others, not to far off in the distance we could hear the crazy hyena like laugh of some old broad who had one too many and I decided I would pass on the second round of liquid goodness. Nothing like drawing attention to myself at this stage in my life. Gone are the cute young men who would graciously help me get into the cab or a friend's car as I was leaving for the night. Nowadays it would take 3 strong men and a cot to haul my fat butt out of there.

Earlier, I had to beg my stylist to remember to cover up the grey hairs. I've got a patch of them right in the front near my forehead that makes me resemble the fat skunk that lives under the porch next door. The only thing I have going for me is that I don't smell as bad as he does. Lucky for me, my stylist went to school with me. She and I can really relate and bitch about how old we're getting now... and how our bodies creak and groan as we struggle to make it out of bed in the morning.

As more and more time goes by, I see little bits of my mother in myself. The way I act, the party pooper I have become. I can remember her telling me stories of how she was "back in the day" her eyes glowing with delight as she told me the secrets of her youth. And now, I find myself telling my kids the same stuff. (well, not ALL my secrets, but a few!)

I am about 4 years older than hubby, he will be 40 in July and I can't wait. He teases me about robbing the cradle all the time, so now I can officially call him an old man. Heck, he's been calling me "vieja" (old woman in Spanish) since I was 29! Tonight was fun, I celebrated, I drank, and I laughed. I realized I'm old, getting older, wider, and maybe a bit wiser. I will have stories to tell, grandkids to entertain, and maybe more wrinkles too. The expensive lotions and potions may erase the fine lines and creases, maybe a deep wrinkle here or there; firm and perky no longer exist except for in photos of days long gone by...

So I've become my mother, and she's become my grandmother. Something we always said we'd never become... but look where we are now. They say you are only as old as you feel, heck, if that was true I'd be mummified and living in a pyramid somewhere across the ocean. And the only cougars I remember are the ones with the first name of Mercury and the endangered species that lives in the forests...both rare and hard to find now.

I'd rant a little bit more, but seriously, it's past my bedtime and this middle aged momma needs her beauty sleep! Have a good night all!


All My Yesterdays said...

Oh, so good to hear you're feeling better today. And what a funny way to describe yourself! I had to laugh cause I really doubt your description is very accurate..And no matter, we can all go walking back down the lane of yesterday and still be *hotties* Age is just numbers!
Funny how we see our Mom's though....
take care (O:

Leslie M. said...

I just peed my pants!!! You slay me!!!!

Leslie Loves Veggies

Katie said...

Hi, I'm following you back! The best part about becoming your mother is that she made you the great person you are today. And she has to be a great person herself to have made such a wonderful person out of you. I also wanted to let you know that tomorrow I will be adding another way to get an extra entry on my necklace giveaway. Look forward to following you!

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

Enjoyed reading this. Too funny!!!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Cat sent me over for a good laugh before going to bed!!! I have got to read about the sick hubby first but I wanted to tell you there are even older and saggy-er broads relating to what you are saying. Believe me, it gets worse so just shoot me